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Geoscape Research

Raising The Bar On Primary Research Using Modernized Techniques and Powerful Data

Consumer-focused organizations have been buying primary research (focus groups, surveys and test markets) the same way for many years. Many of the procedures have become standardized and in some cases outdated or even flawed in their methodology. It’s time to revitalize the approach using Geoscape Research.

By bringing together seasoned research professionals along with unmatched data resources and powerful analytic techniques, Geoscape Research can deliver a much more accurate portrait of your customers, target prospects and more actionable results -- all at competitive rates. Advanced sampling techniques provide true representation of target consumers, improved methodologies and data enrichment will deliver smarter results to each and every study we undertake.

Key Differentiators Will Provide You With Unparalleled Accuracy and Efficiency

Key Focus on New Mainstream Consumers – Focusing on the Growth Majority™ segments for most organizations including Hispanics, Asian Americans and African Americans.

Geoscape Sample Stratification – Using target market metrics to ensure appropriate representation of consumer sub-segments and across geographic areas. This will improve the match between sample respondents and the actual target consumer.

DirecTarget® CultureCoding® and HomeBase™ Coding. We enrich respondent information using automated techniques achieving more information without lengthy questionnaires. This can be done after the interview to add critical data to the respondent profile.

Sample Universe Extraction. Among its sampling resources, Geoscape Research utilizes HomeBase™ whichcontains data on more than 114 million households in U.S. and more than 220 million adult household members along with dozens of metrics to create strata and quotas based on key anchor points.

Cellphone only and non-internet connected households and individuals require especially astute methods to ensure they are measured in the right proportion. Geoscape can ensure that your study addresses these issues in our rapidly changing society.

Focus Group and Intercept Optimization. Participant recruiting is improved based on spatial and demographic stratification to ensure efficiency and representativeness. This improves the match between participants and the target market in the most efficient manner.

Include Hispanicity™ and Asianicity™ CultureCoding® on respondent information to link to other Geoscape segmentation resources.

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If you are looking to improve your primary research results, make it more actionable while ensuring cost-effectiveness, contact a Geoscape Client Advisor by calling 1-888-211-9353 or emailing