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Marketscape™ - offers geo-demographic exploration, mapping, graphing, database queries and tabular reporting functions.

Detailed, color-coded maps can be generated from state to block group levels throughout the U.S. and other countries of the world. The data used to fuel these maps includes Geoscape's own American Marketscape DataStream: 2016 Series (including 2019 projections) as well as census data for 2000 and 2010. Click here to access the Geoscape American Marketscape Datastream 2016 Executive Report. This data can be viewed in graphical and tabular format, then exported into MS Excel format for further analysis. For more information, contact your Geoscape Client Advisor


DirecTarget® is a family of services that help ensure corporations leverage their customer file assets. This enrichment process leads to effective descriptive profiles, segmentation and predictive analytics that help achieve remarkable return on investment.

DirecTarget is offered in a variety of platforms to suit your market intelligence requirements.

Services include a full range of deliverables:

  • CultureCoding
  • Ground Truth Segmentation
  • DemoCoding & MarketCoding
  • ReligionCoding
  • GenderCoding
  • Predictive Modeling & Analytics
  • Direct marketing & Research lists
  • Address & Name standardization and hygiene
  • Geographic location coding

DirecTarget System Development Kit – an application that facilitates the use of our DirecTarget services within your own information system.

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Analytics and Consulting

Geoscape provides access to actionable insight from a team of experienced professionals and incisive analysis through a multitude of flexible services molded to your specific business needs.

Geoscape Research

Consumer-focused organizations have been buying primary research (focus groups, surveys and test markets) the same way for many years. Many of the procedures have become standardized and in some cases outdated or even flawed in their methodology. It’s time to revitalize the approach using Geoscape Research. Learn More Click Here.

Opportunity Assessment

Geoscape's Opportunity Assessment (OA) is a rapid and economical way to ensure you make sound investment decisions about pursuing a multi-year and multi-million dollar investment of time and resources. The result is an executive briefing by our expert consulting staff, outlining what's at stake if you do or do not invest and focuses on a recommended set of options given your corporate situation.

Strategic Planning

Developing a sound strategy will help ensure your investment over the long-term. Right-sizing resource allocation and looking at short,

medium and long-term trends, distribution, branding and competition will ensure the best chance for spectacular results.

Business Planning Support

The bridge between strategy and execution is critical to ensuring the business investment pays off—utilize robust analytics and driving operations to deploy the optimal business model.

Ground –Truth™ Segmentation

Ground-Truth™ Segmentation is a series of techniques, data and analytics that helps a corporation define and quantify its key customer segments from a conceptual level down to a household level and levels in between. Unlike traditional segmentation models, Ground-Truth (GT) segmentation combines corporate database information with various third party inputs and primary research to arrive at a reflection of the target customer base specific to a corporation. GT segmentation enables a company to link strategy with execution at many levels of operations.

Innovative and Actionable Research

Primary and secondary research with special care and attention to sampling techniques, questionnaire design, segmentation and linking the insights to action is Geoscape’s hallmark of research integrity. Whether it’s a quantitative survey or qualitative focus group or advanced techniques such as conjoint analysis, panel design or loyalty and churn analysis, Geoscape is the ideal partner to help you understand and act upon opportunities in an increasingly diverse American culture. We will consult with you in the finding the best strategies to reach your target audience. Contact a Client Specialist Today!

Data Resources

Geoscape creates, updates and maintains data resources that are critical to marketers who want to understand today’s new mainstream consumer market. From population movements, demographic shifts and economic indicators to spending potential, media habits and business data, Geoscape has the actionable intelligence you need to make informed decisions about your market and product distribution strategies, staffing, site selection and direct marketing tactics.

American Marketscape DataStream™ (AMDS)

The American Marketscape DataStream™ (AMDS) is a data resource that reflects the multi-dimensional character of American population and households summarized by geographic area-from the block group and ZIP Code all the way up to the nation as a whole. Geoscape built AMDS to reflect current and forecasted data points that prove valuable for hundreds of corporations in both business planning and execution, across a variety of industries. To download your copy of the 2016 AMDS Executive Summary Report Click Here.

Consumer Spending Dynamix™ (CSDx)

Updated twice per year, CSDx is a uniquely deep and flexible data resource consisting of In-depth spending data for hundreds of goods and services and developed via advanced models incorporating the following sources:

  • Detailed market potential data on 356 types of goods and services.
  • Respondent data source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey.
  • Diary and Telephone Survey of 37,500 households per year.
  • Over-sampling for 4 years for appropriate geographic density.
  • Extensive modeling using variety of inputs and statistical models.
  • Geoscape® American Marketscape DataStream household demographics.
  • Consumer price indices, regional variants in cost of living and other econometric data.

Offered for the following ethnic groups:

  • Average Annual Household Spending in current dollars.
  • Aggregate Annual Household Spending.
  • Spending Index vs. National Average.


Updated bi-monthly plus weekly mover files, HomeBase™ is a comprehensive coverage of 114 million U.S. household and 220 million adults that can be segmented and selected by:

  • Hispanic and other ethnicity and race.
  • Over 11 MM Hispanic, 6MM Asian and 4MM African American Households.
  • Language use.
  • Socioeconomic status.
  • Age and Family Composition.
  • Consumer expenditure by product type.
  • Geographic location.
  • Retail trade area of defined set of retailers.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Consumer Behavior.
  • Various individual and household characteristics.


Comprehensive coverage of over 20 million businesses and 28 million key contacts updated monthly.

  • Detailed SIC or NAICS code.
  • Number of employees.
  • Estimated annual sales.
  • Credit Risk Indicators.
  • Trade area population characteristics.
  • Hispanic and other ethnicities.
  • SES, Income, Language, Expenditures, etc.
  • Chain or Branch.
  • Principal or owner contact info.
  • Ethnicity/Race of Business Owner.
  • Full address, phone number, contact information.


THE MEDIA AUDIT: Syndicated market research

  • National plus 87 Metropolitan Area Markets.
  • Telephone sample: 700 – 3,600 per market.
  • Surveys semi-annual in large markets, annual in others.
  • Create cross-tabs, graphs and filters of national and local market data points.
  • Demographics, Culture, Language, Hispanicity/Acculturation, Lifestyle, Shopping Behavior, Media Habits/Usage, Psychographics.
  • Licensed from International Demographics.
  • Updated quarterly.

Scarborough Research PRIMELingo

  • Web-based software platform integrated with GIS.
  • Premier source for consumer insights.
  • Measures for shopping patterns, media habits and lifestyles.
  • Deep demographic data including Hispanicity™ segmentation.
  • Over 77 local markets surveyed twice annually.

BehaviorBase™ Healthcare

  • Latino/Hispanic multi-dimensional insights.
  • BehaviorBase™ Auto Insurance.
  • Latino/Hispanic multi-dimensional insights.

Broadcast TV:
Cable TV:
  • 8,000+ stations, signal coverage contours.
  • Call letters, owner-affiliate, format, frequency.
  • Nielsen overall market rank.
  • All 8000 cable TV operator areas.
  • Warren-EMSI operator statistics.
  • 14,500 Am/FM stations, signal coverage contours.
  • Call letters, owner-affiliated, format frequency.
  • Arbitron market rank data
  • Over 2,500 newspapers, zip level circulation.
  • ABC audited newspapers (mostly English language mainstream).
  • Ethnic Print Media Group (EPMG) Hispanic & African American